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General Information

SIGMAMI Ltd is a Technical and Commercial Company established in Athens in 1991.

The company is equally owned by Vassilis-Asteris N. Siskos , Electrical & Mechanical Engineer and Panagiotis (Takis) D. Megaritis , Electrical & Mechanical Engineer , Both graduates of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Years 1977 and 1976.

Takis Megaritis is a registered (official) designer of Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Installations of buildings and industrial complexes, category 9G(C)

Vassilis-Asteris Siskos is a registered (official) contractor for the construction of the above mentioned installations, category A2.

The Athens Chamber of Commerce registers SIGMAMI LTD for its technical activities by the Technical Chamber of Greece and for its commercial activities.

The offices of the company are located in the center of Athens (2, N. Nikodimou Str. GR 105 57, Athens), near the Parliament house and the Acropolis.

The storage facilities of the company are near the Port of Pireaus.

Technical Activities

SIGMAMI Ltd is dealing with the design, construction, supervision and project management of all Electrical and Mechanical Installations (hydraulic systems, electrical substations, air conditioning etc) of buildings and industrial Complexes (office buildings, Banks, Computer sites, Research laboratory Complexes, Recording studios, LPG plants, Lub Oil Installations, Aviation fuel installations, Aquaculture farms, etc) and the design of solar products.

The company also provides consultancy services to its clients and has been asked to participate as an expert in the Athens Concert Hall Complex and the restoration of the Monumental Building of the General Confederation of the Greek Workers.

The company is an Associate office of Flack and Kurtz (London).

SIGMAMI Ldt is a member of National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), sustaining member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International) and member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

Commercial Activities

SIGMAMI' s policy is to promote into the Greek Market UNIQUE products and Services relevant to its technical activities.

The Products and Services, which the company represents, should be fully supported by its technical staff and promoted by skilful and competent salesmen (preferably with an Engineering degree).

Presently SIGMAMI is representing:

1. FERNOX Manufacturing Co Ltd, of England, which is the leader in Europe on anticorrosion inhibitors, water treatment of small and large heating and air conditioning systems, water treatment systems for cooling towers and commercial/industrial applications. Fernox is awarded the ISO 9002 Certificate for Quality procedures.

2. PROTEC FIRE PROTECTION plc, UK , is acknowledged as one of the UK's leading companies in the building safety system market. Protec expertise extends through all aspects of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Emergency Lighting, voice evacuation/public address, security and CCTV systems.

3. VIKING S.A., USA, in order to promote and trade FM approved and UL listed fire fighting components and systems, like Sprinklers, Alarm Check Valves, Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Preaction Systems, Deluge Systems, Fire cycle Systems and Foam Systems.

5. ENVIRONMENT | ONE, USA , in order to promote and trade the IFD Cirrus early warning fire detection systems and GCM - Generator Condition Monitor for hydrogen cooled generators and GCM-A for air cooled apparatus.

4. TELATEK OY, FINLAND , which is a famous firm in Thermal Spray and machining works in industrial assets (power plants, paper industry, etc).

TELATEK uses special equipments and their own materials and methods for high quality coating works, offering extension of the life time of equipments and decrease of maintenance cost.


Its operation is based on the two partners and a group of specialized scientists, Engineers and Technicians who are contributing according to the needs of the individual projects.

For the commercial activities it permanently employees a Mechanical Engineer, who is dealing with sales promotion and the relationships with the agents all over Greece, an accounting officer and a draft woman for drawings.

Sigmami Facilities

Our company has in its head offices a good computerized system (hardware, software and peripherals) supporting its activities.

Sigmami does not have its own light metal fabrication facilities, but we have subcontractors who work under our guidance and supervision for projects we execute.


1990 - 1992 : Design and Construction Supervision of Laboratories in N.H.R.F.Installation Cost : 700.000 €. (not including equipment cost etc.)

1990 : Office and Stores Complex of "Elmec Sport" S.A. Design of the Electrical and Mechanical Installations of the Complex including Air Conditioning, Electrical Substation, Voice and Data Transmission Network according to TIA 568, Fire fighting systems Construction Cost of Designed Installations 1 m USD (1991).

1990 - 1994 : Advisor for the renovation of the Monumental Building of the General Confederation of Greek Workers.

1991 : Design of the complete renovation of Aquaculture Laboratory of the National Centre_of Aquatic Research. Cost according the study : 400.000 €.

1992 - 1993 : Participation in the preliminary stage of an Urban design Project, at Crete with estimated cost: 1.25 b. €.

1994 : Design and Construction Supervision of Video recording system of Athens Concert Hall. Total est. Cost: 5.8m €

1994 : Design and construction Supervision of the electrical and mechanical installations of the JANSSEN Pharmaceutica office building in Athens. Total est. cost 3.4 m €

1997: Electromechanical installation design of the office building of the Athens Nuclear Center Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection.

1999: Electromechanical design and construction supervision of ANDERSEN BPM HELLAS SA in Athens (renovation of existing building) 1500 m2.

1999-2001: Project Management of Sofitel in New Athens Airport. Cost: 39m€

2000: Electromechanical installation design and construction supervision of JANSSEN CILAG training center 1000 m2 in Pefki, Athens, Attica.

2000-2002: Project Management and Construction Supervision of IRA/SIMETRA office building in Athens. Cost: 1m €

2001-2002: Design and construction supervision of Electromechanical installations of 8 cinema Complex of Europlex Patras, VESO, Patras.

2001-2002: Design and construction supervision of Electromechanical installations of EFG Eurobank Securities, Athens. Renovation of existing office building in the center of Athens. Office Area 4500 m2 and 800 m2 car parking area. Total cost 8,8 m €.

2002-2003 : Design of the electrical and mechanical installations of the "Public Power Corporation – PPC, ‘PAPADIA FLORINA WATERDAM", Hydroelectric Plant pipeline for and on behalf of contractor ALTE SA, Cost est. 0.0 €

2003 : Design of the electrical and mechanical installations of the "MALESINA – OSMAES WATER PIPELINE" for and on behalf of contractor G. PETRHS SA, Cost est. 0.0 €

2003 : Maintenance Procedures of SOFITEL Hotel, Athens Airport, Case study, preliminary estimation and suggestions, Cost est. 0.0 €

2004-2005: Design of the electrical and mechanical installations of the "Public Power Corporation - PPC ILARION", Hydroelectric Plant for and on behalf of contractor AEGEK SA, Cost est. 0.0 €

2004-2005: Project Management of HOLMES FITNESS STUDIO. Cost: 0.0 €

2004-2005: Project Management of National Museum of Modern Art. Cost: 0.0€

2005: Design and construction supervision of Electromechanical installations of HERMES STORES Athens. Renovation of existing building in the center of Athens. Total cost 0,0 m €.

1996-2002: Coating, maintenance and servicing works with TELATEK OY in Public Power Corporation (PPC) power plants, using thermal spray methods.