SIGMAMI  P.C.  is  a  Technical  Consultants Public Company, which operates in Greece and abroad, established  in  Athens  in  1991 by V.Siskos and P.Adam-Megaritis, mechanical engineers of NTUA and is dealing with:

A.The design, construction supervision and commissioning of the electromechanical installations of buildings and special projects. 

B. The project management of  complex projects from the conceptual stage up to the delivery in full operational condition.

C. Consultancy services in large organizations such as: the Athens Concert Hall Organization, National Museum of Contemporary Art, National Bank of Greece, Astir Palace Vouliagmeni S.A. , EUROBANK, BLUEHOUSE FUND etc.

D. In the era of new investment opportunities exploration, SIGMAMI is ready to provide solid and professional advice. Our team is composed by experienced architects and engineers as well as experienced professionals in finance who may provide our clients with due diligence reports as well as new investment opportunities. Investing in real estate needs thorough examination in order to be profitable and a team of experienced professionals to manage its peculiarities. This market acts as a hybrid of the stock market and the fixed income and therefore needs special attention to details.


SIGMAMI is involved in cultural projects since the ‘90s. The company has participated in some of the major projects in Greece and we regularly attend the ABTT conferences on Stage technology and Theatre design.

Since 2005 SIGMAMI is involved in the design and construction supervision of major data centers according to UPTIME institute and ASHRAE standards and has collaborated with the IBM Technologies Center Team.

The company has gained considerable experience in industrial projects participating in the design of hydroelectric plants, solar heating plants, waste water treatment installations, above ground aquaculture installations, water pumping station including automatic operation systems, aircraft refueling stations etc.

We follow the trends in the office building design focusing on letable area optimization, energy efficient systems, low energy operation and incorporation of new technologies.

Our main aim in hotel design is to optimize between energy efficiency and client satisfaction and comfort by providing ingenious systems.

We have collaborated with some of the most well-known architects in the residential sector fully complying with their demands to customer satisfaction.

In the marinas we focus in designing easy to operate and maintain robust systems and in providing additional services to the customers through the use of new technologies.

We executed the design of the E/M systems of the Ionian Highway including lighting, tunnel systems, TMS etc collaborating with major Greek and International construction companies.

In the Energy Saving and Environmental sector our company provides a wide range of services:

a) Energy assessment of buildings and activities.

b) Recommending measures to improve energy performance, saving natural resources and reducing the environmental footprint of buildings and activities.

c) Evaluation and optimization of the performance of implemented measures.

d) Planning and design efficient systems.

e) Issuing energy certificates.

We provide technical support to Environment One Corporation USA, for the installation and maintenance of their power plant generators operation monitoring system.